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Create Harmony One Mindful Decision at a Time

Create Harmony One Mindful Decision at a Time Norma a Pleiadian through Jenine Beecher

We are in for an intense 2019! The year will deliver challenges that test our knowledge of ourselves, our freedom of expression, and our boundaries.

January looks particularly intense with increased police activity in the Southwest. Late March will be another time of upheaval, and this cycle will repeat in the fall. Normally, the holiday months are challenging for many people; however, from October through the end of the year, you will have the opportunity to step back from world events. Attention will turn to the personal and how each of us identifies with home and family. People will take a reprieve, connect with their inner selves, and recuperate a bit from the stress that will accumulate over the year. The year’s real test will lie in how we manage daily challenges.

Societal Pressures

With a growing population and constant access to information and communication through the internet and media groups, our boundaries will continue to blur. This will make us feel as if we have less personal space, and this is true. There will no longer be room for the self to purely exist. We are not often encouraged by our government, our media, or our neighbors to express our individuality because that is not seen as an attribute unless proven beneficial to the whole.