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Choose Consciously

Choose Consciously St. Germain through Rebecca Dawson

Do you know what the greatest problem on this planet is? The greatest problem on this planet is your concept of yourselves, because from the moment you are born, you are perceived as a problem. Your parents love you unconditionally, but there is a problem here. The baby is crying or not eating. There is a problem. The baby can’t walk yet, and it is trying to walk. This is a problem that needs to be solved. Your whole identity is completely interfaced with the concept of being a problem. From the time you are born, you have intrinsically identified with problem solving and your experience, identity, and journey becomes, “How do I solve the problem of me? How can I be more conscious? How can I be more loving?”

The reality is (and you all know this?) you are already that. You are already conscious. You are already loving, but there is such a strong belief that you are not there yet. You believe that you are a problem to be solved, life is a problem to be solved, and your karmic history is a problem to be solved. Every approach you use is based on, “How do we solve the problem of what is happening around us?” That is why humans find it so difficult to exist in a state of joy and creation — this intrinsic belief in the problem of life and the problem of you.

Your purpose becomes about solving a problem, but the pure nature of creation on this planet does not require this kind of purpose. Consider some of the greatest expressions of human consciousness that you have ever witnessed — art, music, or writing. Most of the greatest inspirational creations have two features. Firstly, there is no purpose other than the joy of creating them, and secondly, they are most often created spontaneously, without plan or process. That is the hallmark of consciousness. Consciousness creates, and it is spontaneous. So you could exist in everyday life without identity or purpose, allowing yourself to be spontaneous and do things just because you can.