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Choose to Be Optimistic

Choose to Be Optimistic St. Germain through Molly Rowland

As 2018 ends, we bring you a preview of coming attractions for the new year. There will be more revelations in the political scene, in Hollywood, and for the world population in general. Anywhere that there has been carefully guarded secrets, such as the Catholic Church, what was hidden will be brought to the light. Healing old wounds allows all of humanity to come together on all levels.

More people from all walks of life and all over the world will experience the internal “aha!” that brings the realization that “us against them” must transform into “we consciousness.” Even beyond doing the right thing is the deep internal recognition that when people live as their best selves, everyone feels better on all levels — mental, emotional, and physical.

Mental health is supported by the awareness of personal worth and value (Taurus). Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, so movement to live in touch with the higher mind will bring joy, enthusiasm, and a much more positive outlook as the year progresses.