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Bioascendant Contact with Star Families 2019–2021

Bioascendant Contact with Star Families 2019–2021 The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Quantum creational biomasters, you are now setting the pace (through a template of direct experience) for inner and outer contact. You do this by creating through your superconsciousness gifts, or trans-soma essences, and this is why you are here at this time. As bio-human masters, your bioluminescence transmission is a great gift to stabilize humanity. This is important now, since the New Earth star-sun soul gates are open for migration choices into the New Earth universes.

The wonderful news most of you must be reminded of is the self-realization you’ve had (one or more aspects) has already graduated from the parallel ascended universe. There were no alien ET interventions, no fallen angels, and no biolight distortions here. You mastered the universe according to your natural essence codes. Your existences explored attribute expressions of beauty, joy, and all multi-essence senses. You grew and manifested new life via direct experience. These were aspects, facets, and existences of lifetimes from both interdimensional and dimensional expressions.

Each attribute (or facet) was like a new flower, organism, existence, helix, and ecology that informed the cosmos what it was becoming through its own creations. In the multiverse, these were inside your natural state of being, and you came to experience every possible potential expression of these sense attributes of light, color, and sound qualities and transmitted them throughout the multiverse and the cosmos. Even then, they were as new essences folding or states of streaming new consciousness, and then your consciousness allowed love’s emergence to become itself again and again and be the substance of its own manifestation.