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Be Still, and Listen

Be Still, and Listen The Pegasians through Ray Dawn

Be still, and listen to the beat of your heart to know you are God. Hello to you. We greet you in the kindest of ways. We meet you in the heart center, and we ask you to relax there and listen to these words.

In the heart space, your heart center, is the place to be safe. It is the place to be Home and to be present and alive with All That Is. All That Is is not here to force you against your will into a mental construct of safety, a mental construct of “us against them,” or any limiting belief or concept your mind space could come up with.

At this time on planet Earth, all is being called Home to your natural presence (within form from your soul’s focus) to come back to your heart space. You can be one with your soul’s presence and with the life force animating this clear form you are in.