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Authentic Abundance

Authentic Abundance Robert Taub

What is prosperity, and why do some people have such a hard time attracting and managing it? What will money and prosperity mean in 2019? For many, money is a representation of the energy of exchange for providing a product or a service. Going forward, what product or service will be your highest calling to provide? What would you like to do, and what are you willing to do? Who will pay you to do it?

Many want to know how they can do what they love and not have to worry about money. Some people have attempted to create businesses based on adaptations of spiritual principles, such as the law of attraction, but they have failed. This is largely because of ungrounded approaches that lack necessary business planning and execution. Others have attempted to enter competitive career fields from the same perspective. Awakening spiritually in America brings particular cultural challenges due to expectations of instant gratification, entitlement, and entrepreneurial encouragement.

There are many products, services, scriptural interpretations, philosophies, communities, certifications, and “shortcuts” available now to the spiritual seeker. Much time, money, effort, and energy can be expended in the discovery of which of these offerings are helpful, which provide little discernible value, and which will hamper spiritual progress. Discernment in all things is especially important now.