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Ask How Best to Be

Ask How Best to Be Michael Goddart

The two primary forces that will characterize 2019 are increased turbulence and enhanced opportunities for grace. The turbulence will be political, weather, environmental, and emotional, as well as the movement of distressed people. This movement of distressed people will be physical (such as refugees) and mental, as people adopt radical beliefs and thinking, perhaps even actions. People who identify with and succumb to distress, failing to rise above it, can fall into negative mental states or commit hurtful acts that will harm them and others. But there is always hope and possibilities.

Countless events will stream by like flotsam in a raging river. Don’t wade into the river to stop something that catches your eye. Rather, watch with detachment, knowing that it’s all a passing show designed to divert your attention from the main event of your life — your death.

What’s key is this is your opportunity to use each breath to make the best use of the limited time in your physical body to win the unbounded bliss and love waiting for you. You have a river (channel) of higher consciousness within you that you join to receive guidance and fulfillment. The coming year will be a propitious time to open that channel of consciousness within you.