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Ask the Angels: Live the Best Life You Can

Ask the Angels: Live the Best Life You Can the Angels through Cheryl Gaer Barlow

We, the angels of God, tell all the souls on Earth that your life on Earth is necessary for you to grow into the wonderful soul you will become. We tell you that the lives you will experience in the future will be what you now consider incredible. Wonders await you that words cannot express. This will be the most wonderful path of growth. Be aware you are the soul, not just a physical body, and understand your soul is God’s.

Be aware that beings of the heavens can be with you right now. You can’t see them or hear them, but that does not mean they are not with you. Behave in a manner befitting the honor of welcoming heavenly beings to your abode. Know you are honored to be the recipient of their love. The life you live may be monitored by the angels to prepare you for honors and works of God’s plan beyond this life.

Each soul may take a place in the creation of worlds yet to be. Creation frees the soul’s expression. Creation is the freedom in the soul. Adorn the life you live with creation. Create the wonders of the mind. Create the life your soul should experience. Think of yourself as an exalted soul. Think of each soul as exalted. Help others lift the life they now live on Earth.