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Akashic Answers: The Year of You

Akashic Answers: The Year of You Amanda Romania

Greetings from Sedona, Arizona. I am delighted to offer another predictions article. The year 2018 brought about many aspects of spiritual life tests and lessons that only true consciousness and a spiritual reality could understand. I felt the world shifting into what seemed like a washing machine on spin cycle.

It was only when I stopped that I remembered the first lesson of entering the Great Pyramid in Cairo. Before you enter, you must pause and focus closely on being in the moment, not giving into distractions or surrounding chatter. This step involved taking a deep breath and then focusing on what my mission and purpose of the day would be. That’s when all the ideas, time, and universal support showed up.

In 2018, I took my students into the Great Pyramid during the full moon in Scorpio. This event was significant because this was the full moon of transformation and truth, helping us observe the destructive chaos around us and allowing us to make the conscious choice to release these elements from our lives.