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You Will See Things Differently

You Will See Things Differently Ariel through Arthur Fanning

We are here. You’re in the experience now. You have been notified, some have, that September 23 was an opening day. You found a (how you say?) dark force inside you coming out to both identify itself and be identified, but it’s not an ego thing. It’s a recognition within the human structure of the other forces that you have available within you — peace and protection and joy.

Do not go into judgment on anything. Understand this one point: The space itself is shifting. The space you are in is shifting, the space you’re in. You are sitting or standing or walking. Trees are around you, and nature’s around you, but the space between you and the trees is going to shift. In other words, you’ll be seeing things differently — literally seeing.

You’re going to have the experience of kundalini working in you, and as it rises to the solar plexus chakra, there becomes confusion because of the sexual identity you have attributed to kundalini. You are in your own process of evidence of your existence in the space between things and separate from things. You’re going to have to be at peace with all beings. You are going to have to understand you’re receiving the intelligence of your interior self and its desire for completion, in a way, still within the body.