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You Come into Balance as the Darkness Is Released

You Come into Balance as the Darkness Is Released God through Liane Rich

Light is energy that vibrates at a very high velocity. Darkness is energy that vibrates much slower. If you send light energy into a very dark space, it will lighten the space or situation. This is done by the light energy breaking up the density of the darker, denser energy in much the same way that sunlight breaks apart and dissipates the clouds in the sky. Thus, energy has the ability to rise and fall. This dynamic is always at work in this third-dimensional reality.

So you have this light energy, and it is vibrating quite fast. It literally enters the denser, darker, slower energy that is not vibrating at a high speed. Some of the denser energy is actually stuck and not moving. The light with all its vibrancy and movement literally uproots the darkness as it enters it, and the light begins to move this darkness upward. Why does the light move the darkness upward? Simply because it is vibrating so rapidly. Light will always rise. It lifts you up.

In this scenario, we define light as love and acceptance, and we define darkness as hate and rejection. Love accepts, and hate rejects. What happens when love and acceptance enter the denser energy of hate and nonacceptance (rejection)? The denser energies rise and become lighter. Everything — absolutely everything — is cause and effect.