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Time Revelations

Time Revelations The guardians through Saga-Oracle

Greetings beloveds. We, the guardians, are pleased to bring some insight for the coming year — 2018 — through our channel-friend, Saga. What a chaotic ride since 2012 you have all been through. It would be understandable to panic and experience disharmony as your frequencies are strung tight between chaos and the more finely tuned vibrations that Tara, Mother Earth, now spins within.

The electromagnetic field of Tara is ready for a higher consciousness interaction with the beings she supports. All earthlings must adjust their personal vibrations to survive and thrive in the new fifth-dimensional physicality. While we can see the general path the collective beings of your planet will likely traverse, remember, the future is always flexible due to the cocreating purpose of Tara’s learning school of physicality. Ultimately, there are easy and hard ways to navigate in these changing times. The collective goal is always evolution of consciousness.

Experiencing physicality — your personal journey through time — is not a steady progression along a straight timeline. It is a wave-like progression where the past, present, and future interact like the ebb and flow of ocean waves washing toward a destination of ever-expanding awareness. The timeline is actually a spiral that vibrates and moves in cycle after cycle, rising higher with each successful revolution (evolution). You have traveled from the third dimension of physicality through the fourth dimension crossing zone, climaxing during 2012, and now you are fully in the beginning stages of the new fifth dimension.