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Technology Is Affecting Earth’s Rhythm

Technology Is Affecting Earth’s Rhythm Jesus through Virginia Ellen

The Christ is rising again in humanity. The Christ frequency is pure life, pure love, and pure light. Its function is to rise again and again. Nothing can destroy the pure life of the Christ. Many have tried, and the Christ always comes again.

The three years that began in 2017 and will be complete at the end of 2019 will be filled with unusual, challenging, and even life-threatening circumstances. Storms will continue to escalate, flooding will become common, volcanic eruptions will continue to increase, and earthquakes will become more severe and therefore more damaging. This is all due to your Mother Earth cleansing naturally in her ascension, which is her purification. However, there is another reason that this is very intense now: Technology is the true cause of the intensity of your weather — manipulation, we will say.

The natural rhythm of Earth is being affected; her heartbeat is being affected. The ionosphere is being manipulated. This leads to extreme and dangerous weather patterns. It affects the natural minerals of your Earth and you. Your blood and brain are one with Earth’s natural rhythm. When Earth’s rhythm is interfered with, so are your moods, brain, and blood. Your heart may race at times. You may have times of despair or depression.