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The Strength to Create Your Desires

The Strength to Create Your Desires Lord Maitreya through Lynette Leckie-Clark

I sit and look at so many souls in distress, and I know they need only stop rushing, stop the thoughts based in fear, stop the what ifs and the maybes — all mind thoughts. All the universe is helping humanity to pause and remember grace, peace, cosmic love, and being satisfied with life. Light energy flows around and through me, and I rise higher, higher. Maitreya appears before me and says he wishes to speak about Lemuria, and so we begin.

It is appropriate that I step forward to speak of Lemuria, as I worked with this one [Lynette] in the beginning of her life there. Life was carefree, full of pleasure and much joy. Pleasure was gained by simple desires and thoughts that created much inner peace. With this leisurely life, minds were closely linked to each other and our realm. Nothing was hidden. It took great effort for one to keep a secret. Everyone’s mind was open to each other. People spoke using telepathy. They could also speak aloud, of course, but the mind and body were very relaxed, and peace was easily enjoyed.

There was very little negativity. There were no magnified desires or jealousies on any level. People were satisfied with their lives and shared a peaceful love for each other, so goodwill prevailed.