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Step Beyond Karma

Step Beyond Karma The Peacemakers through Robin Baldock & Greg Branson

In earlier times, the slow pace of life meant there was usually only one major stream of karma emerging at a time to challenge a particular country; therefore, the machinations of the power brokers were much easier to observe from our side, and the patterns of intention building up behind the scenes that led to specific effects (such as the election of a president) could be fairly accurately assessed months or even years ahead.

Today, many streams are arising from Earth: those rooted in mistakes of the past and new energies Gaia is directing toward the surface that will encourage and underpin stronger social structures of the future. Assessing the very complex interactions of the many factions determined to prevail makes predicting what will happen in the coming year a very daunting task.

It is possible for a skilled channel to give a detailed prophecy that is accurate at a certain moment. However, giving that message immediately changes the probability, particularly if it is transmitted widely to others who adapt it to their belief structures. So very quickly, circumstances could change, altering the outcome. There are much broader strands that are more certain to happen, but their dates and times constantly change, as do the exact forms they will occur in.