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The Spiritual Messenger Energy of 2018

The Spiritual Messenger Energy of 2018 Energy of Your Higher Soul-Self through Carolyn Gervais

The energy of the new year, 2018, is beginning to merge and blend with the mass human/collective consciousness of Earth and its inhabitants. We are the balanced and merged energy of your higher soul-self beyond 4D expressing through your mass human/collective consciousness. We have much to share about the potential of the new 2018 vibration.

Twenty seventeen has been a difficult and confusing year for all because it has been about new beginnings: new ways of thinking, seeing, hearing, believing, and doing. Because many of you are moving or have moved into some stage of ascension mode, the old energy that remains can cause people to feel they are living in what you might call hell on Earth. It’s understandable that you want to be done with the old energy; however, know that it is an energy illusion that human fear, ignorance, and unawareness have made real through fear-based beliefs.

Fear can block light in one’s mind and heart so that darkness seems to take over. This perception of darkness has been blocking the light and love of the new energy for a very long time while many of the fearful, lost, dark, and unaware are greedily using the cloak of darkness of the old energy to exacerbate the desire and to take what they have not yet earned. Darkness is about selfishness, greed, hate, war, murder, lying, cheating, and revenge. Regardless, it is nothing any of you need to fear, for you are in the light.