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The Spectacular Bejewelling of Your Lightbody

The Spectacular Bejewelling of Your Lightbody The Cosmic Council and the One through Pat Crosby

Whew! Wow! What’s happening? Did you ever think the shift would come to this? Is this the shift?

Many poisons have come to the surface. Many miasmas have popped and released their toxic loads. Without this essential release, festering poisons would have destroyed so much.

Pre-2012: Before the official 2012 arrival date of the shift, there was much setting up. Lightworker teams of human and otherworld participants set up new grid systems, removed old-energy-pattern holding devices, unhooked matrix anchors, installed new DNA templates and ethereal chakras, adapted cellular designs based on other world successes, and prepared new human forerunners for advanced technology — both field-wide and within individual human systems.