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Share Your Visions and Creations with the World

Share Your Visions and Creations with the World The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Masters, because you are changers of consciousness, it’s time to offer the world your creations and visions. Give humans the perfection they need to find brilliant solutions that only lighted love can offer. This is possible because your light vessels have opened multiple quantum senses, times, and potentials in renewed perfection that is available to all. Instead of fighting over issues that bind or separate, transmit through your beautiful new hearts a focus on brilliant solutions for stewarding New Earth. It’s time to transmit all those alternate versions of reality that provide the highest biological potentials available to every species on your planet.

All these visions of how to change matter and to allow it to come alive as free energy are needed until the planet is allowed to regenerate health and beauty through its own core lightbody. According to humanity’s consensus reality, these multiple potentials are projected from 2038 through 2077, when humanity can teleport throughout the universe, create new matter directly from consciousness, and live hundreds of years in a perfect body.

Will you wait until 2038? Can these outcomes be changed by humanity’s consciousness? Can you switch those potentials in your consciousness to now? Creations, realizations, or chosen potentials in divine human embodiment on this New Earth anchor and transmit options for the entire universe.