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See All as Love Would

See All as Love Would The Johns of God through Heather Kristian Strang

Dearest ones, it is with a tremendous amount of joy that we come before you today, for you have arrived at a time in your evolution — in your ascension, really — when you are ready to go to places that in lifetimes long ago, you had only imagined could be possible.

As we shared with you in this same format last year, the year (as you call it) of 2017 was a call for love. This has been your experience over the past year, and it is summoning from you the alignment with the greatest love you have ever hoped to know and, of course, the greatest love you could know — Divine love. Circumstances and experiences in your individual and collective journeys are bringing many to their knees so that what is true at the core of it all can emerge. You have noticed this, yes?

You have noticed that when stripped of rudimentary and superficial distractions and unhelpful storylines, a spirit in a body remembers the truth at the core of it all — love. It awakens more fully and realizes what is true: Love is the unifying energy. Love is the answer to every question ever asked. Loving one another as one loves the self is the only pathway to anything anyone could ever want.