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Say Prayers for Mother Earth

Say Prayers for Mother Earth Isis through Robert Shapiro

I want to talk to some of you out there because you will be influential in ways that you might not have thought possible. Some of you have been reading the channeling from this person and are using benevolent magic for yourselves or living prayers for yourselves or others or even true magic, and I am definitely speaking to you. Some of you have prayers through your religion, and you can do this too. You don’t have to do “this” or “that”; do what’s good for you.

I’m asking you to do something, and you can do it anytime you want: Say your prayers. Say your prayers to ask that Mother Earth be revitalized and energized with all the support she needs from all those beings who can help her. You can say that or something like it in the manner you would say it in your religion. I think you will find that those who guide your religion (locally or beyond) will be comfortable with that and might offer a prayer that you can say. That would be good.

For those of you doing living prayer, here is something along those lines. If you’re doing it for yourself and for others as a living prayer, you might say, “I am asking that Earth” [or you can say “Mother Earth”] “be nurtured and supported so she can live her life most benevolently in the most benevolent way.”