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Say Goodbye to Grief

Say Goodbye to Grief Eden through Maya Cointreau

Twenty eighteen will be a year of release and upliftment. Of course, it won’t always feel that way. Over the past several years, there has been much grief processing on the planet. The recent hurricanes and quakes have been symptoms of that. Humans are not the only beings on the planet helping Gaia shift. The elementals play a role too. And if elementals in an area decide it needs an emotional cleansing, then they push the work. The hurricanes come. They force a reckoning, a washing away. They force people to confront what they hold and how they hold it. They bring the grief and fear right to the surface so that people can get through it and move on to a lighter state of being. Grief is harbored in the pelvic region in both the body and Earth. As you move north and south from the equator, you begin to process old survival emotions to release things like anger, guilt, and blame and move into forgiveness and acceptance. Everyone has a role to play, and this is why, try as you might, no amount of lightworker prayers can fully shift events.

The old grief held on a mass-consciousness level is almost worked out. This is good news! There have been some massive shifts in vibration. Can you feel it? Of course, this also means that next, the planet will be processing anger issues, and a different set of problems will arise to be worked through.

We will see more events happen at higher and lower latitudes. Try not to be drawn into the dramas. Instead, focus on processing these low vibrations as quickly as possible. Use flower essences and vibropathic and homeopathic remedies to shift the energy. When you detox from these emotions, remember that you are doing the work for mass consciousness. Do not attach to these emotions. Do not own them; they are not all yours. If you use herbs or other remedies, do not use the regular dosages; because you are clearing energy, you need only a small amount to move things along quickly. If you are an empath, this type of work will hit you harder than everyone else, so keep stones like labradorite, jet, Himalayan salt, and black tourmaline handy to help you do the work.