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Realize the Power of Your Choices

Realize the Power of Your Choices Lady Portia and Count St. Germain through Star Hinman

All of you are now fully realizing the important and lasting circumstances created in your lives through the choices you make. Sometimes things that seem insignificant in the moment can have irreversible consequences. Therefore, we strongly urge you to be mindful and aware of the choices you make in this highly charged and emotional time you live in. The path, once chosen, might be extremely difficult to change. We are speaking particularly about the time leading up to and including the winter solstice, which will usher in a new paradigm of heightened awareness for humanity and extremely powerful energies for the planet.

For many of you, this is an opportunity to modify your past choices. In many ways, it is a time of freedom from past karmic issues and the mistakes in judgment you might feel you unknowingly made in your lives. Therefore, we recommend you take this time for self-review — not in criticism, but as a constructive evaluation and education. Learn from the past! Learn from the past mistakes you feel you made, and hopefully you will not repeat them as these grand new energies release you from much self-inflicted karmic debris and the shackles of old thought patterns.

We say this to you now because you have the opportunity to move into a higher awareness, a greater dynamic, and a fuller perspective of truth in your lives. For many years, it has been our observation that you often successfully hide valuable perspectives and information from your conscious minds so that, quite simply, you operate from old and outmoded beliefs about yourselves and the true nature of objective reality.