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Mine the Harmony Within

Mine the Harmony Within Starbeings of Conroy through Thelma Bodnar

For as long as you have existed, you have had harmony within yourselves. Though you may not have always been aware of it, your soul/spirit has been encouraging you to step forward in complete faith and trust in the present moment that all is unfolding at the exact moment and in a most perfect way for you. It is true that you seldom acknowledge the spirit-based circumstances unfolding before you, but they exist nonetheless. Your soul/spirit envelops you with unconditional love and light, preparing you for manifestations of joy and peace as you venture forward.

Because you have opened yourselves to new ideas, doctrine, and declarations of renewal in spirit, we feel it is appropriate to share insight with you that can open you further, explain some quandaries you might have, and enlighten your earthly existence with new data.

For a start, you question Earth dilemmas and how they could possibly resolve themselves to bring peace to all people. We tell you it is coming, and your participation is crucial. You speak of the enormity of the issues and the resolve all inhabitants must have to make it a reality. We say it does not take the determination of every life to bring about change. You, as one being, can eradicate toxicity one person at a time, and change will unfold. You seek shelter in the storm, and so does your neighbor. Are you doing what you can to dissolve rejections, apathy, and disruptions between you and your neighbor (or your coworker, relative, or friend), or are you merely giving lip service to any ongoing situations of dis-ease? It is time to bury the hatchet, as you say, and commit your attitudes to love, peace, contentment, and joy so that you have a conscious connection with these people that is in alignment with your true self.