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Manifestation Will Be Instantaneous in November

Manifestation Will Be Instantaneous in November Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Energies for the coming months and well into 2018 have tremendous portals, opportunities, and wisdom for those willing to let go of ideas, beliefs, expectations, and limitations previously accepted as truth. Archetypal energies of the past that disempowered yin-yang and the masculine-feminine have dissolved. The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are sharing their broader perspective, wisdom, love, truth, and empowerment for a cooperative exchange among all beings.

The Divine Masculine, full of love, blessings, power, and integrity is returning now and will communicate with those open to receiving the boon of knowledge and truth on ways to share this life-affirming cocreative energy with all beings in all times and spaces. The opening interdimensional portals will activate a fixed grand square between the asteroid Admetos in late Taurus, the north node of the Moon in Leo, the south node of the Moon in Aquarius, and Mercury in Scorpio. The full moon and Venus in Scorpio join this later in November.

The power of the word is fully reactivated from ancient times: the power to speak things, situations, and circumstances into existence whether consciously intended or not. This is an extremely powerful transformational time of death and rebirth in all varieties and forms. Tuning in to all options and then empowering those desired with thought, word, feeling, and action are what the universe will respond to very quickly.