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Make a Wish upon the New Moon

Make a Wish upon the New Moon Donna Taylor

After what has been a tumultuous year — full of drama, shocks, surprises, and roller coaster rides — it’s as if the gods have decreed that the people of planet Earth need a pleasant turn of events. Now the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter step forward to bless us with gifts of good fortune, protection, benevolence, and fun. When these three planets get together (which isn’t often), they symbolize the ability to have a good time, effortlessly instilling a fun and celebratory atmosphere. The year might have been dramatic for many people, but chances are that there was a gift hidden among the upheavals — perhaps a new beginning or a valuable lesson. If we can see the gift or the lesson, then we should find ourselves ready and able to release the past and enjoy the feel-good atmosphere that this fortunate trio of planets brings.

Everyone will benefit from this auspicious event. Whichever part of the sky this alignment falls in represents an area of life that is set to receive some kind of windfall. Let us take a moment to examine how this celestial event will raise the spirits of each sign and learn from which aspect you can expect an early Christmas present!

Those born under the sign of Scorpio are on track for an overall boost in good fortune. Any new beginnings that occur this month for Scorpios should be auspicious, and any attempt to push out of their comfort zones will be well rewarded. Taurus can expect better times with affairs of the heart, as good fortune sets to enhance their relationships and love lives, and Libras are set to benefit financially. Geminis get a boost in work and health matters, and Leos should receive positive developments in their domestic lives — a new arrival, a house move, or some other happy occurrence.