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Live Love

Live Love Xenanthium through Hugh Campbell

People are always looking for signs to help them on their paths. Your earthly journey has nothing to do with external signs or anything that happens externally other than being a reflection of what you believe. This life has and always will be an internal journey of growth.

You look at predictions like horoscopes, believing that what you read will bring luck. The disasters you see today are the true reflections of what you believe. Your beliefs translate to a vibration that is the sum of what you hold energetically. Fear, anger, hatred, and greed are all held within energetically and combine with others’ vibrations, manifesting an outcome. People with similar vibrations will follow the law of attraction and will be drawn to a specific location to experience the results of what they have manifested. Those who have had everything taken from them will have an opportunity to see what their belief systems have manifested — or not!

What you are seeing in the world today is what is manifested when it does not come from love. The number of people who have out-of-balance belief systems are manifesting the resulting reflections of these beliefs. You can learn from what is being reflected back to you in the world today. Instead of looking to a prediction of some change that might happen, manifest what you want right now. It is up to you what will be reflected and whether you take responsibility for what you believe, or you can simply claim you are victims.