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Going from the Dark to the Light

Going from the Dark to the Light Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. I want you to put a bubble around this place, blocking out all other sounds and concepts. There is an energy here for you, and for some of you, this day of teaching is an energy of “aha!” It’s an energy that isn’t new, for it’s a remembrance. Dear ones, many of you will be having these remembrances, and this is what you expected at this time. You are going to remember the things of ancient days that made sense. These are the things you learned and experienced as shamanic beings in your past. The ancients were you, old souls, and there’s a lot to remember.

You’ll remember the various prophecies that you even as ancients participated in, knowing at some level you’d actually be in that future some day. Now here you are. All these things are beginning to make sense with the feelings you are having now. This channeling explores the question, “How are you going to perform life now, going from the dark to the light?” When you, as an old soul, have been on the planet for thousands of years — from the time of the creation story — you are literally imbued with the knowledge of light and dark. You’ve been alive at some level, civilization after civilization. You’ve even been here in civilizations that history books don’t recount yet.

That’s how old you are. Yet each time you were on this planet, you returned to low consciousness. On a scale of one to ten, in which one is starting consciousness and ten is the wisest consciousness, Human civilization is still only at about three and a half. That is as far as it has developed within any civilization on this planet. Be aware that some started with more but devolved into what you have now. You have lived thousands of years in an older energy, and here you are with a changing energy where light is starting to show itself and where darkness is starting to flail in its dysfunction.