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Give Up Your Broken Pieces

Give Up Your Broken Pieces Hilarion through Lightstar

Dimensionally speaking, you are all advancing into spiritual beings who are more conscious and effective at seeing through what you have understood as the veil. In actuality, there has not been a veil preventing you from seeing other dimensions. Rather, your consciousness had not elevated to a level that was ready and in alignment to progress beyond the barrier. That is changing as your consciousness moves in that forward direction to be in a place of alignment and spiritual willingness to see. Many spiritually enlightened beings, lightworkers, and star-born on your planet have been seeing through this veil for quite some time. These are the awakened souls who live their lives through Spirit and navigate from the perspective of the soul rather than leading with the egoic mind.

In 2018, you will begin to notice and interact with a greater number of curious souls who were previously not interested in (or in alignment with) multidimensional energies. These souls will awaken either quite suddenly or through a slower process, depending on their circumstances. These souls who were previously asleep to this multidimensional reality will now be able to see the alternate dimensions as well. They will need assistance with understanding their new reality; thus the previous waves of awakened souls will be the masters and teachers those souls will seek for guidance.

Upsurge in Innovation

Twenty eighteen will be a grand year for mystical and technological innovations and creativity, and there will be more emphasis on all things spiritual. This means a lot of souls will begin to explore the realms of meditation, yoga, chakras, crystals, Reiki, energy healing, and the like. Although you will see a variety of interests across the board, the difference will be in the rise of more ethereal, esoteric, and alternative forms of energetic healing. Groundbreaking ideas will spring forth regarding innovative spiritual healing methods that no one has heard of yet. In other words, the modalities you will notice growing will traverse beyond basic Reiki, massage, and acupuncture. An emphasis will be placed on crystalline-based devices and innovative tools the world has not yet seen.