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Future Prophecies and How to Change Them

Future Prophecies and How to Change Them Almine

If a seer or psychic gives a prophecy, it is also that person’s responsibility to find out what attitudes and illusions within us have caused such a potential future to arise in the mirrors of our environment. It is that person’s duty to also ascertain what insights we need to cultivate to prevent future disasters, lest he or she becomes a fear-monger. Fear results in the disempowering state of victimhood and a loss of consciousness. If we can obtain clarity on how we can create graceful change and elegant solutions by changing ourselves, we can become the sacred government of Earth through self-government. Our future can be in the hands of the enlightened instead of the unenlightened.

Prophecy: In the distant future, the period that we are in and the next 300 years will be known as the “time of the abandoned children” (as given in the “Messages from the Future” webinar, Almine, September 2016). This will increase, should we not prevent it, creating lawless, angry, and brutal generations.

Prevention: This external mirror has formed because we have abandoned our inner children. The inner child needs the intervention and care of the inner nurturer, or it remains unexpressed and unparented, crowded out by the driven competitiveness and ambitions of careworn lives.