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Expect More Global Tension and Discrimination

Expect More Global Tension and Discrimination Archangel Metatron through Jill Harrison

Greetings! There are major energetic upgrades taking place within the universes that offer humanity a very special opportunity to heal and to manifest abundance and harmony.

Throughout Earth’s history, we have noticed great polarity shifts in human consciousness when these energetic upgrades occur. It is at these times when there is much friction, unrest, and chaos; however, these are not necessarily negative events. They can be opportunities to heal and release old stagnant energies that inhibit change and growth.

When major energetic upgrades have taken place in the past, we have seen the best and worst of humankind’s response to them. Sometimes these energy upgrades can create wars or global environmental changes. The fusion of negative energies being forced together with positive energies can be quite volatile at times, but with it comes an opportunity for release.