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Dolphins Are Assisting Human Ascension

Dolphins Are Assisting Human Ascension Joan Ocean

People often ask me, “What do the dolphins say about the changes occurring on planet Earth? What will happen in the future?” The dolphins and whales predict a positive and inspiring future for planet Earth and humanity. They have seen the future and know we will all pull together to cocreate a positive reality on our exceptionally beautiful, conscious planet Earth. It is already happening, and they are grateful to us for our devoted participation in this expansive acceleration into the higher frequencies of love, compassion, harmony, justice, and enlightenment.

Being a part of the dolphin pods here on the Big Island of Hawaii for thirty years has made me more like a dolphin. I am fascinated by their behaviors and their acoustic and sonar messages. In the early mornings, I swim among hundreds of dolphins, moving and diving like them, playing and resting with them for hours at a time. They surround me as we swim together, accepting me as part of their pod.

The Hawaiian Spinner dolphins, who are known to have included swimmers into their pods, live a life of joy. No matter what is done to them — killed, captured, removed from the water, transported, imprisoned, used for military exercises — the dolphins only give back love.