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Do You Get It?

Do You Get It? The Founders through Jaap van Etten

We are the Founders. We are the consciousness of the first wave of souls who came to Earth. The channel pointed out that the world is experiencing many dramatic events that cause a great deal of fear. These are changes that do not seem to be positive. Therefore, the channel asked our prediction of what will happen next year. Will there be a continuation of these rather dramatic events? We have a direct answer: It depends on whether you “get it” or not. We elaborate on what we mean.

Increasingly, people are beginning to understand what reality is and how it comes into being. It is, however, only the beginning of understanding. Many people think they are the creators of their reality. This idea causes them to believe they are doing something wrong when they experience something unpleasant. Please understand that you never do wrong. You simply experience the result of possibilities collapsing into a reality. The number of possibilities is infinite. These possibilities exist as consciousness in the form of energy waves. However, while there are infinite waves of possible scenarios, you experience only those that have collapsed into particles so that you can observe and determine what you call reality. The question, therefore, is this: What determines the collapse of the waves into what you experience as reality? If we do anything that you would call predicting, we need to look at that process. What we share here is what you call quantum physics, which your scientists increasingly understand.

There is a collective reality, and there is an individual reality that allows for different experiences within the collective reality. That is the reason that people live in the same world but do not experience it in the same way. Both realities come into being in the same way because they are based on the same principles. Infinite possibilities exist even within the system that you have chosen to live in — Gaia, or Mother Earth. These infinite possibilities exist as waves. The only way for these waves to collapse into what you call physical reality is through consciousness. By “consciousness,” we mean all aspects of consciousness: unconscious, subconsciousness, waking consciousness (or awareness), and higher consciousness.