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Changes in Physical Reality and Consciousness

Changes in Physical Reality and Consciousness Archangel Raphael through Deborah Morrison

In physical reality, planet Earth’s frequency is becoming faster. Now you are entering the love frequency. This is a healing frequency of creativity, joy, and peace. Planet Earth has never before gone through such rapid transformation, and it is aligning to this new frequency. Physical reality is shifting and restructuring. This includes landmasses, bodies of water, nature, Earth’s tilt, the Sun, the Moon, the stars, and humans.

At first, many things might appear to be falling apart, broken, or not working. Not to worry, dear ones. You need the old patterns to be redesigned into the new. It is all a sort of bioenergetic reconfiguration. Be grateful, for you have long awaited these blessed times. Be like the willow that bends but does not break. It is by resisting the new energies that one will break, so know that it is all good. Earth is in a wonderful process of transformation.

This same process of uplifted energetic frequencies is happening throughout your social systems on Earth, including education, law, business, health, and so on. Current social systems have done their part and had their day. Give thanks, and move on with gratitude. The old social systems were created from low-frequency vibrations such as egoism, lust, greed, anger, hatred, and jealousy. Are you familiar with these? Of course you are! You’ve been immersed in this low-vibrational reality for an entire lifetime. But the winds of change are happening. Sometimes you might shake in your boots from all that is unknown and new. But, I tell you with 100 percent certainty that Earth’s social structures are transforming right before your eyes. And it’s all good! The changes are to align with the new energies of creativity, joy, and peace.