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Better Times Are in Store

Better Times Are in Store The Galactic Family of Light through Pamela Shelly

Dear beautiful ones, we are your Galactic Family of Light. We are composed of a variety of beings from many star systems within your galaxy. Twenty eighteen and beyond will be a time of freedom, peace of mind, joy, prosperity, and harmony for many of you. As your consciousness continues to rise, the lower vibrations are released. There is so much to look forward to as you go forward and anchor into the fifth-dimensional energies.

In these times of apparent turmoil on your planet, know that you are safe, and there is always a bigger picture. Things continue to heat up as things progress, and the battle to stay in control escalates. This is an inner battle that projects and appears outward. The more each of you heals, releases, and raises your consciousness, the less you will identify with the lower-frequency conflicts and upheaval that will continue during this transformative time.

Step Up to Help Others

There is a split of timelines happening as the light overcomes the dark. Most humans on your planet have no understanding of the shift into the higher frequencies happening to everyone and therefore are in great fear. Those of you who are ascending have chosen to be in the higher dimensions and are assisting Gaia in her evolution. We ask each of you starseeds and lightworkers to stay centered in your heart and radiate the love that you are. Have compassion for others and yourself at this time of great awakening. Know that we as well as many other brothers and sisters are watching and assisting you at this time.