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Become the Witness

Become the Witness Oneness through Rasha

These times present an unprecedented crossroads in the evolution of human consciousness. The opportunity inherent in this moment is to recognize that every being present makes a significant contribution to the conditions that you share collectively. It is far too easy to feel detached and helplessly caught up in the momentum of change as you read the headlines that scream with messages of earth-shaking events now taking place around the globe. These are the moments when it is best to remember that together you are creating all of this.

Change is now the order of the day — not simply in the segments of human society that have been thrust into the spotlight of mass awareness, but also in every aspect of life itself throughout all creation. Whether they materialize in ways that are easily recognized or remain undetected, the changes that arise as collective experience are actually no more and no less than incremental shifts in vibration.

Every life form present influences the vibrational totality of the environment with which all must contend. In essence, each of you gets one vote. Collectively, the circumstances you experience as your lives are but a mirror, reflecting what is vibrationally present in any given moment. The opportunity in these times is to embrace your inherent power to make the highest possible vibrational contribution to the world that you all have come to in this moment to share. You have chosen this lifetime for this very reason.