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Be a Blank Slate

Be a Blank Slate Collective of Earth Guardians through Adria Wind Horse Estribou

What is happening on your planet today, this month, and until perhaps five or six months from now is a tremendous change. It is so much of a transformation that it cannot be missed.

If you were present during an atomic explosion, you might not be worried anymore about the color of your shoelaces or what your neighbor had for breakfast. Similarly, what is happening on this planet (although it is not something negative; it is not an atomic bomb) is so strong and so all-pervasive that all of you feel the effects. The humans, the plants, the animals, and the earth feel the effects right now of tremendous change.

You might be experiencing this on a physical level. Some people are having what we call actual physical events, such as flooding. For some of you, change has taken a very physical form. Some people might have heart attacks when they never had heart issues before. Some people might have issues with one leg. These are physical manifestations of what is happening on the planet. It is a great clearing of trash on a cellular level.