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The Astrological Timeline for Emergence

The Astrological Timeline for Emergence Robert FitzGerald

Timing is everything, as the old saying goes. During the 1980s and 1990s, the end of the past century, we assumed that the year 2000 would signal the change into the new Age of Aquarius. This was based on the long-held traditional idea that astrological ages are 2,000 years long. They aren’t, and Aquarius did not come.

Then came the Mayan Long Count calendar given to us by Jose Argüelles. The pivotal year 2012 came and went, and still things are getting worse. The problem was that we did not have an accurate timeline to measure our emergence against.

I have found over the past forty years of research into astrology and astrological ages — as well as into smaller divisions of ages at two different levels (180-year and 15-year increments) — that ages, eras, and phases are exceedingly accurate in describing history. There is a glorious golden Age of Aquarius coming in 2160, but first we must get through this climactic period of what I call the Great Astrological End-Time Cycle: 1980 to 2160. This is the dissolving Pisces era of the Age of Pisces with the Virgo polarity of disintegration and extinction.