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Are You Playing Yet?

Are You Playing Yet? The Lion People through Ellyn Dye

Can you feel the changes in the air? Can you feel that nothing is the same and nothing will ever be the same? Have you grasped that idea consciously, or do you simply feel it in your bones? The change is here. The shift has happened, and it is only the befuddled humans who have not realized it yet. Are you still trying to operate in the old energy, the way you always did, or are you learning how to operate in the new?
The recent great American eclipse united a country and the world as the totality of the eclipse moved “from sea to shining sea” across the United States and humbled humanity in the face of the magnificence of nature. All differences momentarily fell away as humanity put aside differences in politics, religion, race, gender, and values to unite in wonder and awe. Communities were formed as people joined to watch the spectacle and become amazed and childlike. This great eclipse punctuated the great change that has occurred: The old has fallen away, eclipsed by the new. The changes will unfold throughout 2018, and they will be particularly evident in the United States.
What does that mean? It means that you are collectively in new territory. The old ways no longer work, and the new ways have yet to be discovered. Most people can feel the depth of the change in their bones, but sometimes human minds are slow to catch up. Have you experimented yet? Have you played?