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All Are Equal

All Are Equal Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

Dear ones, I am Gaia, but I am also the breath of love that permeates the cosmos, as well as all aspects of physical creation on Earth. Do you realize, dear ones, that the types of separation that define Earth are not the only reality? If you could step beyond the veil of forgetfulness that shapes your perceptions of the world, you would know that all are connected to Source and are already whole; there is no need to create the ideas of superiority that shape much of the discord playing out on the planet right now.

Some of you ask how you can remember, how you can shift the veil, to know this connection and love that is not seen for what it is. Many in your media and governments do not want you to remember that all are seen equally in the heart of the Creator. The divisions created by their manipulations keep the populace living in fear, and as long as fear directs the out-breath of day-to-day existence, difficulties will continue.

Many of you have been taught that to fear god, institutions, different cultures, or even your neighbors is love. How can this be when the very breath of existence equally blesses all? Can one person steal this blessing from another? No. Can one person claim that he or she is favored by the Creator because of belief and hog all the blessings? Yes, this may be true from the human mind, but this belief does not align with the blessing of love that is bestowed on all inhabitants of Earth.