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Accept the Process to Expand

Accept the Process to Expand St. Germain through Molly Rowland

The vast changes in energy that were created by the two months around the total eclipse (beginning with Sirius rising on July 23 and ending with Sirius setting on September 23) will continue to amplify the movement and changes in collective consciousness. These changes are exaggerating both the negative and positive shifts; therefore, earth changes (which are motivated by the emotional climate of the collective) will continue to be intense.

The crises causing so many people to require help and healing will begin to move the focus from “fighting to get imagined victories” to the necessity for humanity to attend to the whole with a desire for mending and blending. The divisions and conflicts over righteousness will begin to dim during the requirement for aid and assistance everywhere on the planet. When there is disaster, people often forget their judgments and see only that there are “brothers and sisters” who must be cared for. Race, color, creed, or political perspective simply ceases to matter as hearts open and love flows freely.

The energy shifts will affect the political climate. The changes that occurred from August through September 2017 encouraged many hearts to open all over Earth. The leaders of both the United States and North Korea, as well as those of all nations, are beginning to sense that their personal desires to win might not be nearly as important as the lives that will be involved in what has become a global conflict. It is imperative for all humanity to listen to each other rather than shout to be heard over the din of many voices.