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Your Body Is a Map of the Creator

Your Body Is a Map of the Creator Celestial White Beings through Natalie Glasson

Immense love and support greet your soul as you connect into our vibrations of bliss. Please allow our pure white light to embrace you as we, the Celestial White Beings, encourage you to download and reawaken from within a new consciousness to aid your current pathway of ascension. We are truly present in supporting you in accessing and experiencing fulfillment within your being and reality so that you might share this blessing with humanity to dissolve all forms of pain and suffering.

More than ever before, that which you seek is within you. Whether you aspire to spiritual enlightenment or happiness in your material reality, you are the source from which creation can manifest. In truth, you hold the responsibility for your happiness and experiences of fulfillment. To truly adopt and experience this understanding, you need to recognize yourself as an expression of the Creator. All that is the Creator flows through you; therefore, you can create anything you wish to experience. The concept that everything you seek is within you develops further as you evolve as a spiritual being, so it is truly time to honor your physical and energy bodies as an expression of the Creator. New recognition and perspectives are required. We, the Celestial White Beings, wish to guide you in developing your spiritual experience in a physical body on Earth.

A Cocoon of Intense Light
Embraces You