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You Are in a New Presence Now, and Your Heart Begins to Speak

You Are in a New Presence Now, and Your Heart Begins to Speak The Spirit of Space and Gabriel et al. through Arthur Fanning

1 September 2015

This is how it works — change; you’re always in a state of change. You always are. The stability required for change to occur comfortably within the system of self is the knowledge of safety and comfort, or the sense of it, of safety.

The human condition is going through the process now of living through the seven spirits of God, and there is a different pronunciation at each level. The first level, the invisible one (the first one), is love, and then you have wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. The one you’re working on now that the human condition is going through is the seventh one. That seventh spirit is the old fear-of-God thing. Now, in that understanding of the fear of God — it is more like the respect for it, respect for the enormous power there, because misappropriation and application of it can damage you. It’s like watching a child playing with matches. It’s fun to see the flame; the child puts the match over, and it burns the house down. It is the same sort of thing with the fear thing.

You have to have respect to handle this next idea of your self, you see, because the idea of your self was not known to you for this framework in the womb. Your idea of yourself in the womb was where you came from — past-life things. You had a connection with your previous mind; you were sensing your previous mind, what you knew as your mind. What you knew was how to think, actually, the process. It wasn’t the words; the words are just manifestations of energy forces for communication in the physical world. Each country has different words for the same thing, but they don’t even mean the same thing when you say them. It is a different influence.