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Shamanic Wisdom Jan Engels-Smith

The Truth About Love

Each year the LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine conducts a practicum for the students. The practicum setting is beautiful and blissful. We use pristine land in Tillamook, Oregon, an area that is part of the rainforest of Western Oregon. We spend a week together camping, singing, journeying, applying the teachings, and using the land as a teaching arena.

This year was LightSong’s thirtieth practicum. During the practicum, our spiritual connection is profound and intense. The spirits have consistently supplied me with invaluable information that has literally molded the structure of LightSong and the lives of those who participate. I continually use this information as teaching material in our various classes. It is rich and encourages mind-expanding insights.

There is always a theme that presents during my initial journeys when I am preparing for the experience. These journeys precast the teaching I will deliver to the group. I never know what the theme will be until we actually embark on the land. There were four interlocking themes that presented this year: