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See Opportunity through Challenges

See Opportunity through Challenges Inspired Guidance from Laarkmaa through Pia Orleane & Cullen Smith

Laarkmaa has given us clear and inspiring information about our thoughts, our emotions, how we communicate, and how we can build love-based communities. Now the group is sharing with us its perspective about the opportunities that are hidden within each of our challenges. With the Laarkmaa’s guidance and our own individual and collective work, we can change the world.

Laarkmaa has told us that we are living through the most challenging time humanity has ever experienced, and because of this, we have more opportunities for leaps in evolutionary progress than ever before. Perhaps that is why so many of us are challenged with extreme hardships. Perhaps that is why, just when we think we have finished with trial, it appears again in another form. We know that we are constantly telling the cosmos that it doesn’t have to be this hard! We know that because we remember a reality of freedom without these constant struggles. We want to return to that experience now.

Challenges Change as We Grow

Yet we find we are not alone in our experience of repeated challenges. Others communicate to us the very same patterns of repeating challenges. Every time we grow, every time we reach a new plateau or level of understanding, the challenges that surface change in magnitude and variation just when we think we’ve reached equilibrium.