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Rid Yourself of Unfulfilling Attitudes

Rid Yourself of Unfulfilling Attitudes Teacher through Miriandra Rota

Well now, here we are, together once again to have our little chat! I am Teacher, and I am most pleased to come forth in this manner to give you another little hint about some of the best ways to go forth in your earthly living while maintaining the truth of who you really are.

Yes, my dears, you have discovered more and more about the truth of who you are and, of course, then released some of the old ways of living, ways that no longer suit you. I’d like to bring you along on a journey, one of discovery of the more of who you are and of the ways that no longer work for you, ways that actually sabotage your fulfillment of being. Then, together, we will get rid of them. Oh, I know there is a better way of saying that. We could use the phrases “release them to dissolve” or “breathe a holy breath upon them,” but let’s get down to what we really want: to get rid of those debilitating ways that prohibit your real fulfillment. Shall we continue? You bet!

The Keys to the Back Door