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Release Dogma, and Accept Divine Mastery

Release Dogma, and Accept Divine Mastery The Cosmic Essence through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

With a vibrant hello, we offer the glorious recognition of divine love, presence, acceptance, being, and knowing through the golden streams of illuminated energy.

Divinely Reconnect with Golden Essene Christed Energy

In loving alignment, your Essene brethren have come forward at this time on the planet and are walking with you. Many are hand-in-hand with the energy that you call Christ. You are in the hands of this golden ray of the divine love of this Christ energy.

Precious beings of wondrous love, the time of the ascended awakening of the authentic connection to the truth of the bliss, the love that you know as Christ energy, has manifested in many ways. This Christ energy abundantly circulates throughout your heart and your crystalline light. It circulates throughout your beingness and your knowingness. In this time of reconnection with the divine authentic remembrance, many have walked the path of ascended recognition before. You are now at the time of the ascended recognition of all that has ever been, folding into all that is and all that is ready to be yet again.