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Receive the Gifts of Divine Love

Receive the Gifts of Divine Love White Light Seed Carriers of Stellar Light Patterning through Laura Pieratt

This message includes a light-activation repatterning upgrade and an infusion of divine love. Please ensure you will have twenty to thirty minutes of undisturbed time to receive and integrate this energy gift.

Be-love-eds, we are with you in increasing and magnified ways — indeed just a whisper away now! It used to take such effort for us to communicate with many of you, but it becomes easier every day in the rarified light of love that is pouring forth onto Earth, saturating your planet and your consciousnesses. We are alert to many possibilities unfolding for greater love and participation in the divine expression of such love in this plane of life. There is much to be celebrated, and we join you as you celebrate your individual victories. Mastery is activating in your cells, and you are awakening to your true selves much faster now as you align with the new energies of the fifth-dimensional plane and beyond. You might consider it a quickening. This is very good news, and we are heartened to bring it to you.

We dwell in spaces that allow integration of much more complicated patterns of light and information than you could imagine. It is well and good you do not try to figure it all out, for doing so would warp your. At the very least, it would be a distraction from the true purpose of simply receiving the gift offered. Rest assured that we have it all well in hand, and it is merely a matter of disseminating these patterns into your consciousness. You only need to make yourself available to receive them by giving permission and trusting your higher self and heart-mind complex to do the work of integration for you.