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Out of Chaos and into Peace

Out of Chaos and into Peace Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. There is often a question in the minds of spiritual human beings. These people tend to see deeper into the course of the world. They notice many things that others accept without question or apparent thought. Their questioning takes the form of observations: If there is increased enlightenment on Earth today, why is there so much trouble in the world? If we are nearing a better, more peaceful future, why does it seem that wars and violence are increasing? What actions are correct? What paths should a spiritually minded being take to help the world gain that which most humans appear to desire?

The Near Future

We often speak of an impending golden age, and it truly will happen sooner than an individual human might be capable of believing when observing the chaotic world he or she currently exists in.

First, there is a time of increased conflict ahead. Everywhere on the globe there is a challenge to what was once considered order. Leaders and would-be leaders speak as if they alone possess the absolute truth about matters. There are people who appear to follow blindly, illogically, in the wake of some who simply seem determined to create rough waves. The waters are muddied and the currents confused.