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Interspecies Communication

Interspecies Communication Omnidimensional Beings through Kathy Wilson

Communication between species is always, in reality, communication between dimensions. Each species — whether humanoid, four-legged mammalian, winged, or Piscean — has its own frequencial vibration. Further, each subspecies has a specific and unique frequencial range within which it exists and operates. For example, within the mammalian frequency, cats vibrate at a range that is quite extensive and reaches further than that of humans. Cows have a very narrow band of frequencial range while that of wolves extends from cattle’s mid-range to beyond that of humans.

Although the frequencial ranges of all species and subspecies of third-dimensional beings on this planet are limited, they each overlap at some point with all the others. It is this characteristic that allows any being on this planet to communicate with all others, whether of the same species or not.

The most obvious and common type of interspecies communication is that which occurs between humans and their favored animal companions, such as their pets. It is not only the spoken commands humans give that are communicated to animals. Much more communicated information is contained in the energy that flows between them.