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Intense Energies Open You to Great Healing

Intense Energies Open You to Great Healing Osiris through Rae Chandran

Blessed Atlantean family, my love to you all. In the next several months, you have an opportunity to completely resurrect yourselves in all aspects — in the cells and in every area of your lives. The intense energies on the planet for the past two months (September and October 2015) and continuing into January 2016 are in preparation for this. In the past few months, you might have noticed an intensity of energy and many scenarios from past lives and other realities and dimensions coming up. These are flushing the subconscious and the unconscious mind so that all can be purged and healed. This is something like a microdeath process wherein you can observe your mind and glean wisdom from the experiences you have encountered while living in this lifetime. In the past, this review and gaining of wisdom happened at death, so celebrate this moment, for you are gaining wisdom and experience.

Heal Your Relationships

Now, the first thing you will notice pertains to human relationships and what they mean to you in terms of your truth. Many human beings have been living untruthfully in their relationships, particularly in love relationships. The true meaning of “relationship” is lost in the modern world. People have relationships for a variety of reasons. Most of the time, they are used to fulfill a need. When you are in a relationship such as this, you will be confronted with several doubt-filled questions: “Why am I in a relationship with this person? Am I true in this relationship?” (We are not talking here about having an affair or not being true to your partner in sex.) “What is my feeling, and do I have joy in this relationship? Do I feel fulfilled in this relationship?”